Monday, October 10, 2011

UC Riverside

Ah, yes, UC Riverside. One of my favorite places to be...

At the time I took the above picture, the only lens i had in my possession was the 18-55mm kit lens. Yet thanks to that I quickly learned the functions of the camera and later on the limitations of the kit lens. That being said, UCR was one of the places I would practice my photography the most, whether it be during the morning, afternoon, or late night in the pitch of darkness. The buildings and classrooms look beautiful, the campus is verdant and spacious, and the food is pretty good! It's quite unfortunate that I did not carry a camera with me at all times, or there would be more pictures that I could post up.

I was surprised to find out UC Riverside was going forward with their medical institution when they officially announced it. I figured it would be something the University would just talk about, with no action following it. Indeed, UCR has improved drastically for the better. Not only are they creating a new and innovative medical program, they have plans for a law school in the near future as well. And aside from that, the culture of the campus has grown twenty-fold. Many clubs and organizations are starting up and thriving, there are live, local bands at the bell tower at least once a week, and school spirit is on the rise! This is a completely different picture than what I saw when I begin my studies there. Yes, I am proud to call myself a UCR Highlander.

Now if only they would repave the roads around UCR...

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