Monday, October 17, 2011

Photography: The Pursuit 3 [Part I]

This was my second year attending Lexus' Pursuit, which was at Irwindale Speedway this past Sunday. A decent crowd showed, and there were raffles for free stuff (including a FREE set of Vossen Wheels!!), one of my friends even winning an intake. There was also an eighth mile drag strip and free In-N-Out (which I missed from arriving late). But I digress. 

Photography during broad daylight with harsh lighting is still something I'm working on, but I'd like to think that I'm getting better. As a matter of fact, the photos below are a result of various experimentation, including the use of a polarizer, taking some panning shots, and some post-processing with GIMP 2.0. 

And I know, despite being a Lexus event I still took pictures of autos of different brands; but what can I say, I like all cars.

This is part one of two, as I have yet to work on the rest of the photos. Comments/suggestions are welcome! 

Softglow 1!

Softglow 2

Softglow 3

...Okay, I suppose in retrospect, softglow during the harsh daylight was a pretty bad idea. Was worth a shot though. Back to (mostly) regular pictures.

Prototype LFA (Before full production began)

Barry's GT-R about to pre-stage for the drag

PureDrifter's LS400 with supra stock wheels in the rear

Panning shots

Part two is on it's way! :)

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