Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3.19.12 San Diego Zoo

Allow me to begin by stating that I haven't been to the San Diego Zoo in over ten years. I pretty much had no memory of the zoo from my previous adventures here. That being said, the experience was amazing.

Although there was a drizzle during the first hour of the visit, the rest of the day was free of any further downpour. Most of the animals came out of their dens and began to go about their daily activities: eating, playing with their siblings, posing for tourists, sunbathing in the small amounts of direct sunlight that would pierce through the clouds, or taking a nap out in the open. 

Just gazing off into the skies, probably imagining the clouds into familiar shapes and figures...

 A shot of aforementioned skies

 Flamingo paradise, sharing space with native ducks! Fun fact: native birds to San Diego and further come to live at the zoo on their own free will, because it truly is a paradise.

Talk about photogenic. He came as close as possible to us and posed while I was snapping shots of him.

 This is another interesting one: something (or someone) took his attention away from the camera the moment i took the picture! 

 Yet another rare shot, this little fellow decided to sing to me!

 Can you see the subtle smile? At least, that's what I can make of it.

 At first glance, they look like a mix between a bear and a sheep! What they really are? I forgot! 

 Sitting proud atop a tall statue along the walkway.

This Zebra did not move an inch the entire time I was there. It didn't shake its tail, wiggle its ears, or look anywhere else. I wonder!


 They were all paying attention to one of their siblings on the other side! 

 Sitting in the shade, relaxing and watching their children attentively...

 Taking a nap in the sunlight...

I believe this one took a nap while sitting upright? Didn't make any movements either, and his eyes seemed to be closed.

"Psst... Are the humans gone yet?" 

An elephant waiting at the gate for his playmate to come out!

 For the longest time, I thought this frog was real. -______-

 Sitting at the highest point, relaxing with the "I don't even care" expression.

 The only one that came outside of his home during the late morning.

 A Wallabee! Cousin to the Kangaroo, but much smaller. Cute!

Pumbaa C: 

 Taking a nap after a full day of playing with his friends.

 This bear took the time to climb above a three foot tall tree stump to pose for us! Another photogenic natural~

It's lunchtime for this Giraffe

 Reaching as far as possible for that branch!

Emu! First time seeing one in real life.

 Cool cat playing it easy. He has a dog guide to learn how to be more sociable!

 Rhino enjoying his afternoon nap. He woke up later and began playing with another Rhino!

 This little baby was barely six inches tall! 

 Bees. Lots of them.

Perched ten feet high, this colorful fellow didn't flinch at anything. 

Unfortunately, there were a few who decided to stay indoors the entire day, including the lions and tigers. The Pandas were not available for exhibit either, as they were out for research. At least, that's what they told us. But no matter, I am thoroughly convinced that I will be back again very soon.

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