Sunday, December 11, 2011

AutoCon & DTM Autobody EotY Meet

Here we go! The majority of the photos are now uploaded. It was most unfortunate I could not attend AutoCon yesterday, or they would be up here right now as well. But here's the next best thing: the pre-meet before that was before the actual AutoCon show! 

This night was one of the larger meets, as almost the entire parking lot was filled up. And that does not usually happen. And as expected, the police arrived shortly after to break up the meet. It was pretty entertaining though, as he would drive by and tell people to "get moving." Everyone said "okay," but as soon as the cop drove around to tell other people to leave, no one would do anything. This happened for a good five minutes, which was fun to watch. 

Then the Officer said he would call tow trucks soon. Then everyone bounced.

Yeah, I'll fix the lens flare next time.  



<3 ///AMG 

Not a big fan of the illest badge, but it does look cleaaann. 

Red Assault @ AutoCon & DTM Autobody EotY meet

So yeah, the end of the year meet was a week ago, and the actual AutoCon event just happened today (which I wasn't able to attend, sadly). But hey, finally found the spare time to do some editing. Better late then never! 

Lo and behold, I found a few rides that were just beautifully red. Red, red, red. The color is outstanding! Here are the ones that caught my eye back at the meet, before it got shut down by the cops, a consistent occurrence anytime a gathering is held at the Cha for Tea parking lot... 

Full set will be up soon! Now if only I was able to go to AutoCon... 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jason's s14 @ AutoCon & DTM Autobody meet

Wow, so many stickers on that windshield... Jason, how do you drive like that and still see? And is that even legal?! LOOOOL

Anyways, I couldn't sleep so I decided to edit a few pics from the AutoCon & DTM Autobody end of the year meet. That was one of them! Expect the full set soon!

Ferrari F430 rolling shot

So I forgot to post this one up, but I thought it was a (somewhat) rare treat. During the drive with PureDrifter to the LA Auto Show on the 60 West, this F430 crept right past us with blinding speed. I had my camera on hand and he had to slow down a little during traffic, so I figured: "why not?" Snapped a few shots, and luckily one of them turned out pretty good! 

I guess it's plain to see that I like F430s. Because they're just that awesome. 

Now to find a 458 Italia to take rolling shots of...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drive@UCR Fall Meet #5

So here it is, the last Drive@UCR Fall Meet. I Must say, it was windier and colder than all of the previous meets combined. But despite the unfriendly climate, the meet went on as planned and turnout was still great. Members drove over from the 951, 909, and 626 to meet up, hangout, get boba and donuts! Great to see everyone alive and kicking, especially with finals so close, starting this Saturday! Good luck everyone! 

Elliott's new CR-Z! What's the plan for mods?

 Justin, what's next for the mod list?!


Double vision? =_=

New mod: projectors! There's always something different every time I see this ek.

So who has tofu in their cars? lol 

So wheel gap is the new style? #LOL

You can definitely tell it was windy out there that night... Look at the trees!

Nice wheels, benzos!

Loving the fitment here

Once again, good luck with finals!