Sunday, December 11, 2011

AutoCon & DTM Autobody EotY Meet

Here we go! The majority of the photos are now uploaded. It was most unfortunate I could not attend AutoCon yesterday, or they would be up here right now as well. But here's the next best thing: the pre-meet before that was before the actual AutoCon show! 

This night was one of the larger meets, as almost the entire parking lot was filled up. And that does not usually happen. And as expected, the police arrived shortly after to break up the meet. It was pretty entertaining though, as he would drive by and tell people to "get moving." Everyone said "okay," but as soon as the cop drove around to tell other people to leave, no one would do anything. This happened for a good five minutes, which was fun to watch. 

Then the Officer said he would call tow trucks soon. Then everyone bounced.

Yeah, I'll fix the lens flare next time.  



<3 ///AMG 

Not a big fan of the illest badge, but it does look cleaaann. 

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