Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drive@UCR Fall Meet #5

So here it is, the last Drive@UCR Fall Meet. I Must say, it was windier and colder than all of the previous meets combined. But despite the unfriendly climate, the meet went on as planned and turnout was still great. Members drove over from the 951, 909, and 626 to meet up, hangout, get boba and donuts! Great to see everyone alive and kicking, especially with finals so close, starting this Saturday! Good luck everyone! 

Elliott's new CR-Z! What's the plan for mods?

 Justin, what's next for the mod list?!


Double vision? =_=

New mod: projectors! There's always something different every time I see this ek.

So who has tofu in their cars? lol 

So wheel gap is the new style? #LOL

You can definitely tell it was windy out there that night... Look at the trees!

Nice wheels, benzos!

Loving the fitment here

Once again, good luck with finals! 


  1. very nice! keep it up!!!

  2. nice photos! blogged one on my tumblr with a click-through link if you dont mind :D