Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food: Costco

Oh, how I love Costco.

Especially their food. Inexpensive yet delicious, Costco is the perfect place to have lunch and dinner if the wallet is just as empty as your stomach. Whole, loaded pizzas for just $11, polish hot dog and drink for less than $3, chicken and carne asada bakes that fill you up... As in the picture above, I got myself a carne asada bake and polish hot dog for less than $5. I usually get a combo slice of pizza and the polish dog, but I felt like being adventurous this time around with the bake, which tastes great. The bread on the outside isn't dry, the beef cubes are tender; the hot dog is just a regular hot dog to me, but the condiments offered makes it that much better.

Thank you Costco, for providing affordable meals that don't taste like cardboard!

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