Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photography: Drive@UCR Fall Meet #3

Sorry it took a while to get this one out. I've been quite busy as of late!

Here's the photos from Drive@UCR's Fall Meet #3, which was just this past Wednesday on 10/26/11! A few more new faces showed up, as well as the usual crowd from the previous meets. Unfortunately I was not able to get shots of everyone's rides this time, as a good number of the members arrived around ten pm, which was right when I had to leave.

 Lotus! Look at that cute tow hook!

 Which one do you think looks nicer?

 Colormatched wheels :D

Barry is everywhere.

 And it shows; Tire with wire!

 Mr. Escobar's show-status Scion! Thanks for bringing it out!

Tristan's constantly auto-crossed m3 

 So who's Maggie Hi? lol

 Love the Carbon Fiber

 LOL Richard

 Drive@UCR President's Miata

 Miss Hui!

Mr. Prajuk!

If you missed the meet, remember that it's every other Wednesday at 8pm at Boba Tea House (767 West Blaine Street, Riverside, CA). The next meet will be November 9, 2011! Hope to see you all there!

P.S. The rest of the Adam's Track photos are with Drive@UCR's blog; check them out for the full coverage!

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  1. Nice shots!! Thanks for taking the time to shoot people's cars.