Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animals: One of the greatest blessings we receive

I love animals. Max in particular.

Imagine your life without animals and pets around you. Dogs, cats (well, I could live without cats), hamsters, fish, parrots; you name it. Wouldn't that be a far more depressing life? Of course, those who don't have pets probably wouldn't care, but I'm referring to those who do. Yea, you.

The spotlight today goes to my seven year young puppy, Maxwell! A purebred AKC Pekingese, we spotted the little furball at a local pet shop, and we just had to have him. So we did. And before we knew it, he became an integral part of our lives. Max is a bundle: he runs around the house, makes a mess when he eats, loves cuddling with my parents, begs for food at the dinner table, and so on.

But the best part about Max is his attitude. Pekingese are naturally prideful dogs, as they are not only one of the oldest breeds to exist, but they think they are Lion Dogs, descendants of the Chinese Guardian Lions. And because of this, they are unreasonably stubborn when they want to be; Max will not come to us when we call to him sometimes; he will just stare with his head tilted a little bit upwards, or sit down and then stare. Max knows when he is wrong, yet will not admit it. But then on that very same token, he will be unbelievably obedient if it's a snack that he will receive at the end, and every time someone comes home and opens the garage door, he scampers from wherever he originally was to greet the returner.

Yep, he's a bundle. But we love it that way.

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