Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog is a go!

So I figured that I have some spare time on my hands; it looks like the start up of a blog will fill that gap!

Hi; I'm Laurence. I enjoy music, photography, sports, business news, and a bit more here and there, so what you'll be reading will be much of the aforementioned. In fact, let's start a little about my passion with photography.

First off, I in no way claim that I am a professional photographer. I am just beginning, with about two years of experience with serious photography; not the point and shoot stuff, but with a dSLR. I have a Canon Rebel XSi with just three lenses at the moment: the kit lens (18-55mm EF-S), f1.8 50mm prime lens, and a 55-250mm f4-5.6 telephoto lens. I use each lens according to how I feel works best in each situation, and so far it seems like i'm doing a decent job (samples below!).

My favorite subjects tend to be automotive related, because I'm a car enthusiast myself. I try to take the sharpest and cleanest pictures as possible, which leads me to the conclusion that the f1.8 50mm prime lens works the best out of my choices, because of the wide range of depth of field accessible, and because it takes sharp pictures in general. Definitely worth the money, as it was my first lens I purchased (after the kit lens of course).

Here's a picture I took of a friend's Evo with the 50mm prime, about a year back. Feedback would be great, by the way! It was overcast in the early afternoon, so I was able to get a decent picture without the color being washed out that much. The post-processing was simple, with (be ready to laugh) Microsoft Picture Viewer. Slowly learning GIMP!!

Here's a picture I had taken just recently, about a month ago. I tried to go for minor depth of field here, emphasizing the camshafts. And yes, the fellow behind the engine staring at the camera is a good friend of mine. Say hello!

That's it for now, I have many pictures that I want to both share and receive constructive criticism, so I can improve my photography skills! And yes, I need a signature. Working on it!!

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