Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photography: Drive@UCR Fall Meet #2

Just last night at 8:00pm Drive@UCR had its second official meet of the 2011 Fall quarter in front of Boba Tea House on 767 West Blaine Avenue, Riverside. There were both old and faces new to see, and several dozen cars of various makes and models attended, filling up the entire parking lot and a little bit more. 

I had the pleasure of attending as well, this time with my trusty camera and 50mm f/1.8 for some pictures! Unfortunately, even with the assistance of a tripod some of the photos came out blurry (no IS on the prime) and were thus rendered useless, so I apologize in advance if your car is not here. But be sure to come out to the next meet on October 26th, I'll be more prepared for the night time photography! 

Photos are mostly unedited, aside from brightness adjustments.

Aniket's IS300

MBJunkies decal! What's your username?

Jonathan's VW

Mr. Daniel Minasian's beautiful CLK55 AMG

Tristan Littlehale's e36 m3

Barry Lee's Midnight Purple GT-R

Jason Lee's Si

Robert Escobar's famous Teabox!

Because Tristan REALLY wants photos of his car.

Don't know if they were part of the meet, but they did a good job taking four parking spots.

Drive@UCR President Hohyung Lee

As I mentioned, I apologize if I did not post up photos of your ride. At the next meet on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 8pm hunt me down and I'll take some photos to post up. You can even model for your own car if you want ;)

Visit the Drive@UCR Facebook Group to learn more about the meet!

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