Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photography: Drive@UCR Fall Meet #4 [Part I]

Well, here's part I of II of the Photos from Wednesday's Drive@UCR Meet! As I had mentioned before, there were some new people that showed up yet again! It was great to meet everyone and hear about all their current mods and their plans for future mods to their beautiful automobiles. 

So this time I had the opportunity to use one of my close friend's lenses: a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 aspherical lens! In laymen's terms, a wide angle lens, which allows for more of the scenery in the edges of the frame to be captured in the photograph, so I can squeeze more into the picture than with a regular lens. 

 Good to see you again, Charles! I love all the LEDs!

 Like a Boss.

 Wheels are awesome!

 New Yakima roof rack! 

 Dennis: "So I got the bumper repainted again..." People need to stop rear-ending you!

 This combination reminded me of this commercial by Mercedes-Benz & Ducati.

 Jerry's w204

 Intake vent on that headlight? 

 Mustang love!

 Mercedes love!

 Genesis Coupes are quite popular!

Where's the "I<3the 951" sticker? :]

New wheels. Looks gorgeous.

If you missed the photos of the previous Drive@UCR meets, you can find them in the links below:

Part II of the photos will be up as soon as this weekend! Comments are welcome, and thanks for viewing!

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