Monday, November 21, 2011

Automotive: LA Auto Show 11/18/11 [Part II]

Part II is up and running! Some more Lexus, BMW, Nintendo & Hot Wheels (you must be "wtf," right?), and Porsche! I was actually surprised myself to see Nintendo there, promoting Mario Kart 7 for the DSi! Played a round against PureDrifter in multiplayer; safe to say, he was doing what you would expect around the entire track: drifting. 

BMW Electric Concepts

 New and improved 2012 ISF

 Electric Ultimate Driving Machine?

 Twin Turbo V8 anyone? :)

 Oh, just another shot of the LF-A. Because it's that awesome.

 Lunch break at Rock'N Fish! Medium rare ultimate burger was delicious. 

 A fully operational go-kart! 

 I want one of these.

 Yokahama's live wall. The plants are really alive.

 Cayman R, albeit entry level right next to the Boxster, is a very capable car around a track. I would definitely own one.



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