Sunday, February 12, 2012

Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show [Part II]

Here's Part I of Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show in case you missed it!

And here we are, with the second and last set of photos from Imports@UCI's 2012 Car Show. Not much to say, except that it was a splendid event! Free food, prizes and the chance to have a large and friendly get-together? Who wouldn't want to go?

Small puddle of water trying to hide from the sun under this beautiful e92 M3

 dayyummm, I forgot to ask what kind of power it's putting out...

 K&N representing!

I see that finger, lmao



What an unbelievably aggressive body kit! 


One of the prize winners! r32 GT-R 

 How creative, business cards hanging off the wheel

How wide do you think those tires are?

This concludes the photo coverage of the Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show. I hope to see you guys at the next big event that happens in SoCal and the new things that will be on your rides! And a BIG thank you again to Imports@UCI for hosting such wonderful Car Shows, we are definitely looking forward to next year's!!


  1. It's a R32, not 33.

    1. Ah, thanks for the correction! I'm not a GT-R expert, silly me.

  2. What an ugly s13. Another disgrace to the eroding 240/silvia community.