Friday, February 3, 2012

Imports@CPP 2/2/12 Meet

Off the 60 freeway at the corner of Valley and Grand Avenue, the In-N-Out parking lot serves as the weekly rendezvous for the Imports@CPP members to gather, eat, socialize and share their love & enthusiasm for cars. It was definitely a pleasure to meet everyone and see the nice rides they brought out. I was definitely more than pleased to take these photos of the meet! 

If any of these cars are yours, post up so I know whose they belong to! 

 My neighbor has one that looks almost exactly like this, minus the Smurf decal. And the paint color. Well, I guess i'm just referring to the teeth on the front bumper!

Look at that front lift! Hahaha! <3

Looks in great condition for its year!  

These two were hiding on the other side of the parking lot! 

If it wasn't consensual, that would certainly be a problem.

If you guys like the pics, feel free to bookmark my blog and check back every few days! The blog will be far more active than it was last month! And once again, it was great to meet you guys out there! Hope to see even more of you out there the next time.

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  1. Haha I had a mess of those pins, I thought about doing all the sides of it, but quickly lost motivation and ended up handing them out at the meet.