Saturday, February 11, 2012

Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show [Part I]

The Imports@UCI Car Show on February 11, 2012 marks the sixth time the car club has hosted this event. Gathering popularity quickly, all car club chapters from different UCs and Cal-States have been invited to participate and meet their fellow enthusiasts. I love coming to this meet especially, since there are always new cars that show up with unique and perhaps even exotic cars along with their modifications. 

Being hosted most noticeably by K&N Engineering, the majority of the prizes were vouchers for free air filters, easily a $50~$100 value. I actually won a set last year, and to this day I am still running that set of filters on my car! Cleaning them is another story.

Here's Part I of the Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show photos!

Batteries on each wheel! dat stretch...

One of my favorites, the e92 M3 

 ...And it's predecessor, the e46 M3

CSL trunk spoiler! 

 UCSD Chapter representing!

 Wonder what mods are under the hood

Miata Corner, presenting Miata #1! 




 And in the other corner, the Honda Fit crew! #1




 J. Fong's Mustang GT

 Drive@UCR Hohyung Lee's NC Miata

 Hot pink S2K!

AOTD anyone?  

Reppin' everythang 

Red!!! And lots of it. 

Where be dat wing?! 

Part II will be out soon, so feel free to bookmark my blog and stay tuned!


  1. Any pictures of the red and black s13??

    1. Would you be referring to this one?

    2. So my em1 didnt cum out?

    3. Any pictures of the Z32's ?

  2. The silver 300zx 2+2 TT with the chromed out engine is pushing out 700hp. That car should have won the sleeper award :)