Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chuckwalla 2.26.12 [Part II]

In case you missed Part I: Click Me!

Hauling @ss

 This isn't a Jetta; It's RACE CAR NOW!

 Jason's turbo fit

 Can't get over this Civic... So clean

Red s2k from group 2

There were a ton of Zs out there, both 350 and 370

Many BMWs too!

Group 2 finishing their first run on the track 

Point by passing! Unfortunately, there was not enough of that during the day, leading to some unhappy drivers. 

 Taking a breather before the next session

White Genesis Coupe tearing it up

(Unsurprisingly) one of the fastest cars to run around the track.

 DGAF Taping

 Drafting? Sorta... Maybe not.

Letting the engines cool off

If your car is not up here, don't fret! There is still Part III to come, the final set of photos from Chuckwalla.

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