Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New acquisition! Canon 17-40L

Huzzah! The first post in over a year. And what better way than to begin with a picture of a new lens?

I'll admit, the lack of variety of my lenses did keep me from going out and taking more photos. Not a good excuse, but it's still an excuse. And it's not the only one. Time constraints and location kept me from being able to spend some dedicated time to photography. Okay, the location thing is a bad excuse; you can take photos anywhere. But I digress.

Waiting just six days for shipping felt like an eternity; a good friend of mine lent me his 17-40L on a few occasions for me to test out and see if I liked it; and as you can tell, I liked it enough to get one for myself.

I plan on making this my walk-around lens, as it clearly dwarfs the kit 18-55mm II that came with the early Rebels. I also contemplated on the Canon 10-22mm, which counts as an ultrawide lens for APS-C sensor bodies, but I realized that I may be upgrading soon, and then the 10-22 becomes pointless to keep. But don't get me wrong; the 10-22 would definitely be a joy to have either way.

A hastily taken picture of my new Canon EF 17-40mm L; I was too giddy to take a proper photo...

A good first test for this new lens will be either at a local car meet or around the river, somewhere up in northern California... Stay tuned!

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